All creativity stems from the same metaphorical blank canvas. I love learning new disciplines of human expression and seeing how the processes differ to achieve excellence.

Here are a medley of watercolor, acrylic, digital paintings and pen sketches I did.

Art Production on Element Arena - Part 1: Art Direction
Element Arena was a MOBA battle royale game with a stylized toon art style. I managed the art direction and pipeline, wrote the concept briefs and gave feedback on revisions. I found it really helpful to learn from the experience of others, so I wanted to give back now by
Art Production on Element Arena - Part 2: Concept Art Philosophy & Deliverables
This article outlines our Concept Art Deliverables deck. I’ll go over our process with a full example including feedback revisions with a full example. This allowed our art team to execute smoothly inline with our expectations. If you missed it, see Part 1 that outlined our Art Direction. Firstly in
Art Production on Element Arena - Part 3: Generating Character Concept Briefs & Calculating Art Budgets
In Part 2 we went over our character concept process and here I want to share a couple of useful tools we used to support that process: how we made briefs, and how we budgeted art. Generating Organized Character Briefs Character briefs were a lot of where my communication improvements